MUA Selection Work Sheet
Job Name: Date: 10/16/2021 2:44:06 AM
Company Name
Contact: Phone: Email:
Sales Engineer:

Basic Questions:

1.   What type of MUA do you require?
2.   Where are you installing the MUA?
3.   How much CFM do you require?
4.   How much capacity (MBH) do you require?
5.  Are there any space requirements?
6.   What is the application the MUA is serving?
7.   What voltage do you need?

Component Questions

1.   What are your heating conditions?
    a. What is the mixed air temp?
    b. What is the LAT?
2.   Do you need cooling?
    a. What type of cooling?
    b. What is the cooling EAT?
    c. What is the LAT?
    d. What are your water temperatures?
     e. If evap cooling, what kind of media and size?
3.   If outdoor, do you need a curb or isolation?
4.   Do you need a mixing box?
5.  Do you need RA or SA plenums?
5.   VFD?
6.   Motor Type?
7.   Disconnect?
8.   What type of controls?
9.   Anything special that we need to know about this unit or installation?