Fan Coil Units Selection Work Sheet
Job Name: Date: 10/16/2021 2:04:55 AM
Company Name
Contact: Phone: Email:
Sales Engineer:

Basic Questions:

1.   How many FCUs are on the job?
2.   What are the CFMs of each FCU?
3.   Are the FCUs belt drive or direct drive?
4.   Are the units vertical, horizontal or vertical stacked?
5.   What is the elevation?
6.   What are the tag numbers of the FCUs? (This is not that important, but if you have it, great!)
7.   What type of coils are you looking for?
9.   Is there OSA required?
    If so, how much per FCU?
10.   ESP per FCU?
11.   Motor voltage?
Are motors ECM or std?
12.   Is a mixing box with linkage required?
13.   What type of filtration is needed?
14.  Cooling Items Needed:
    a. EAT DB/WB?  DB   WB
    b. Fluid Delta T or Flow?  ΔT   Flow
    c. LAT DB/WB or Total Capacity?  LAT DB/WB   Total Capacity
    d. Fluid Type
    e. Percentage of glycol needed, if applicable?  %
    f. Entering Fluid Temp?  
    g. Max Fluid Pressure Drop?  
15.  Heating Items Needed:
    a. EAT DB  DB   WB
    b. Fluid Delta T or Flow  ΔT   Flow
    c. LAT DB or Sensible Capacity  LAT DB/WB   Total Capacity
    d. Fluid Type
    e. Percent of glycol needed, if applicable  %
    f. Entering fluid temp  
    g. Max fluid pressure drop  
    h. If you are using electric heat, please provide the kW required to meet the LAT needed as well as the stages of heat needed
16.  Are coil packs (hose kits) required for chilled water and/or hot water?
    a. What is the pipe size?
    b. Do you need a motorized valve?
    c. Is the valve 2 way or 3 way?
    d. Is it fixed flow or manually adjusted?
    e. Do you need unions?
    f. Do you need PT ports?
17.   What type of insulation is needed?
18.   Do you need bottom access panels on the FCU?
19.   Is it a bottom return connection?
20.   Are secondary drain pans required?
21.   What kind of control package do you need?

22.   Do you need a thermostat?
23.   Do you need a fan speed controller (SRC)?
24.   Do you need a disconnect switch?
25.   Do you need main fusing?
26.   Do you need a float switch?
27.   Do you need a speed switch?
28.   Do you need a solid state relay?
29.   Do you need the factory to mount 3rd party controls?