Daikin VRV Systems Selection Work Sheet
Job Name: Date: 10/16/2021 2:23:49 AM
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Sales Engineer:

Basic Questions:

1.   What is the application?
2.   Is the system air cooled or water cooled?
3.   What is the geographical location of the project? (city and state)
4.   If air cooled, what is the altitude?
5.   Design Conditions?
6.   If water cooled, is it a geothermal or boiler/tower application?
7.  What electrical service is available? (water cooled only available in 3 phases)
8.   What is the space/location of the condensing units? (water cooled must be indoors)
9.   Is the system a heat pump or heat recovery (must have 3 phase power if heat recovery)
11.   What is the total tonnage of the system?
12.   Does the engineer have block loads?
13.   Does the engineer have a zoning layout?
14.   Does the engineer have zone loads for heating and cooling for each zone?
15.   What is the expectation of individual fan coils?
16.   What type of fan coils would the engineer like to use?
17.   Does the engineer have required loads for each FCU in each zone (heating BTU/hr and cooling BTU/hr?
18.   How do you plan on controlling the building?  
19.   How are OSA requirements being addressed?  
20.   How is the OSA being delivered to the space?
21.   Are there any accessories being tied into the FCUs?
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