Boiler Selection Work Sheet
Job Name: Date: 10/16/2021 3:13:45 AM
Company Name
Contact: Phone: Email:
Sales Engineer:

Basic Questions:

1.   Existing installation or new installation?
2.   Hot water or steam?
3.   Heating output required at altitude?   BTU/HP
4.   What load is the boiler feeding?
5.   Efficiency Requirement?  %  @  F RWT
6.   Fuel Type:
7.   Supply temperature required?  F
8.  Temperature differential required?  F
9.   Max operating pressure requirement  PSI
10.   Mechanical room space constraints?
11.   Piping Arrangement:
12.   Variable Flow?
13.   Combustion air arrangement?
14.   Venting arrangements?
    a.  Total venting distance  ft
15.   Glycol required? If yes?     %
  16. Site elevation?  ft.
  17. Installation?
  18. Voltage needed? (anything other than 120V?)

Existing Installation Follow Up Questions:

1.   Mechanical room access issues? (door size, corridor size, etc)

Options Questions:

1.   BAS interface needed?
    a. If yes, what protocol?
2.   Boiler sequence of operation (lead/lag, etc)?
3.   Alarm notification requirement?
4.   CSD-1 requirement?