Applied Rooftop Unit Work Sheet
Job Name: Date: 10/16/2021 2:03:25 AM
Company Name
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Sales Engineer:

Basic Questions:

1.   How many RTUs are on the job?
2.   What type of application are the RTUs servicing? (hospital, office, etc)
3.   Is first cost or energy more important?
5.   What are the unit tags?
6.   What is the voltage?
7.   What is the site altitude?
8.  Are the RTUs constant volume or VAV?
9.   Are there return or exhaust fans?
10.   What is the required unit CFM? (by tag, return and supply)
11.   What is the required external static pressure? (by tag, return and supply)
12.   Are there any sizing requirements?
13.   Blow through or draw through?

Advanced Questions:

1.   What type of heat do you need?
2.   What is the required heating capacity?
5.   What is the required cooling capacity?
6.   Entering air DB/WB?  DB    WB
7.   Leaving air DB/WB?    DB    WB
8.   Is there any seismic requirement?    category    imp factor
9.   VFD    Bypass    Disc    Line Reactors    Manufacturer
10.   What is the condenser coil ambient temperature?
11.   Do you need low ambient cooling?
12.   Do you need control interface?
13.   Do you require a vertical or horizontal return?
14.   Supply outlet location?
15.   What type of filtration?  Pre Filters   merv/eff    Final   merv/eff    HEPA  
 Economizer  Energy Recovery type?  Hot Gas Reheat
 Barometric Relief  Humidification  115V GFI
 Air Blenders  Hot Gas Bypass  Hail Guard
 SS Drain Pans  Air Flow Monitoring  Roof Curb     height     iso
 other     seismic