AHU Selection Work sheet
Job Name: Date: 10/16/2021 3:30:06 AM
Company Name
Contact: Phone: Email:
Sales Engineer:

Basic Questions:

1.   What type of air handler do you require?
2.   Where are you mounting the unit?
3.   How much CFM do you require?
4.   Are there any space requirements?
5.   What type of building is the AHU serving?
6.   What is the voltage?
7.   100% OSA or mixing boxes?
      Note: Mixing boxes do not mix. Do you need blenders?

Component Questions: (Start at the return and work toward supply)

1.   Do you need a return fan?
       a.   Fan Array?
       b.   What is the external static pressure?  SF    RF
2.   Is there energy recovery?
3.   What type of cooling do you require?
      a.  What capacity do you require?
      b.  What is the entering air temperature?     Dry Bulb    Wet Bulb
      c.  What LAT do you need?  
      Note: If direct evap is needed with a Modular Unit, a 48" blank selection with Stainless Steel liners will be added. If direct/indirect evap is needed see a Sales Engineer. 
4.  What type of heat is required?
     a.  What capacity do you require?
     b.  What is your air temperature before the coil?
     c.  What is your required leaving air temperature?
5.  Do you need humidification?
     a.  What type of humidifier?
     For Humidifier, a 24" Stainless Steel lined section will be added. 
     b.  How many lb/hr do you require? Space Temperature      Space Humidity  
6.  What type of filtration do you require?
     a.  Pre Filters: MERV Rating
     b.  Final Filters: MERV Rating
     c.  Special Filters:
List AHU Selections left to right